Thursday, September 27, 2012


Anybody want to make this cake for my birthday???  Pretty please?

~ Gillian

Friday, September 14, 2012

Barbie Newspapers

Today I made some flyers and newspapers for my Barbie's to 'read'.  These are all written on tiny pieces of paper.

~ Gillian

Three Drawings

Here are three drawings I did.  The first is a picture of a scarecrow, the second is of Princess Jasmine and her pet tiger, Raja, and the last is a drawing of the La La Loopsy doll my brother gave me for Christmas.


Princess Jasmine and Raja

La La Loopsy Doll

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tweety Bird!

This is my picture of Tweety Bird.  I drew it on my Dad's iPad.

~ Gillian


Ever since I was two years old, my Uncle Ian has taken me to the Mud Oven to paint pottery.  Here are three pieces that I am very proud of:


Fairy on a unicorn


My mom took the pictures but I painted these with a tiny bit of help from my Uncle Ian.

~ Gillian

Monday, September 3, 2012

Nepean Sailing Club and Andrew Hayden Park

Today I went to the Nepean Sailing Club and Andrew Hayden Park with my Nana and Grampy, and my brother, Graham.  This is some of what I saw:

~ Gillian

Two Poems

Birds in the Pond

By the pond or by the beach,
Birds are easy to reach.
Hawks, seagulls, puffins too.
Some little ladies go "Shoo, birds!  Shoo!"
Parrots, peacocks and also canaries,
They're all fun but they're not hairy!
And whenever I see a crow,
Over the waters its feathers blow.


My Little Brother

My little brother, so loud, so clear,
He always screams right in my ear.
He also likes Lightning McQueen
And sometimes says I'm very mean.
Sometimes he acts like he doesn't have a brain
And he likes to play in the rain.
But I do really love him so,
I make sure he doesn't step on my toe.

~ Gillian

My Photos from the Pride Parade

I went to the Gay Pride Parade with my mom and our friends, Morgan and Richard.  Here are some photos I took:

~ Gillian


Welcome to my scrapbooking blog!!!  I will be posting about my poetry, stories, photography and artwork.  I hope you enjoy yourself.  Please come visit often :)

~ Gillian