Monday, September 3, 2012

Two Poems

Birds in the Pond

By the pond or by the beach,
Birds are easy to reach.
Hawks, seagulls, puffins too.
Some little ladies go "Shoo, birds!  Shoo!"
Parrots, peacocks and also canaries,
They're all fun but they're not hairy!
And whenever I see a crow,
Over the waters its feathers blow.


My Little Brother

My little brother, so loud, so clear,
He always screams right in my ear.
He also likes Lightning McQueen
And sometimes says I'm very mean.
Sometimes he acts like he doesn't have a brain
And he likes to play in the rain.
But I do really love him so,
I make sure he doesn't step on my toe.

~ Gillian


  1. I love these poems. There are so good!!!

  2. Those are really good poem Gillian, I'm impressed!

  3. Thank you! I am happy that you read my poems!!!

    ~ Gillian

  4. Hi Gillian

    I like your poems.

    your friend

  5. Thank you Kalli !

    you can be a member if you want.